Monica Bonvicini's sculpture RUN won the competition for the largest standalone artwork for the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park in 2012. The giant letters act as a mirror for visitors and their surroundings in daylight, as become transparent and glow at night. studio dinnebier has developed the light effect in close collaboration with the artist to be broad and clear.  The work included the development of the double mirror light effect on various models and a full scale mock up, the choice of all required products and the engineering and drawing of the electrical system.


Chosen Products: 12 mm ESG white-glass with inside Ipa Chrome coating, PVB Foil, 10 mm TVB white-glass; curved DiBond mirror, stainless steel, stainless steel cover (with mirror polished surface), Tridonic high-performance-LED chain with light spreading acrylic cover and the required drivers, sensors and switching devices located underground.  Overall dimensions: 2150 x 900 x 1860 cm 


Art / Light Installation




London, England

architect / artist / designer

Monica Bonvicini 


Jan Blieske

photo credits

Monica Bonvicini 

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