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The studio was founded 1998 by Jan Dinnebier. After working as an architect he came back to the field of his father’s practice. studio dinnebier operates under the brand name LICHT LICHT with a team of architects, lighting and product designers.
The collaboration with ambitious architects, project developers and exhibition designers has lead to the realization of numerous projects in Germany, Turkey and many other countries. Starting from museum projects the studio has worked on all types of programs offering the full scope of works as well as conceptional, design or technical support and the construction of custom fixtures or entire ceiling systems, as well as light objects or the collaboration with artists in the field of lighting.
In addition to lighting design, the studio designs and develops new products for luminaire and component manufacturers. From 2007 till May 2016 Jan Blieske has been partner of the studio. The collaboration between Jan Dinnebier and Jan Blieske had lead to develop successful products like FlatBoxLED Series and the hidden Intrac adapter.
concept /
studio dinnebier understands light as an important part of architecture and works on the conceptual relationship between light and space, understanding light as shape, color and atmosphere. As a studio of architects in lighting design, our aim is to make light an integral part of the architectural space. This requires a profound understanding of architecture and a close collaboration with the architect and its team.
A concentrated study of the project is the base, sketches, drawings, animations and calculations, as well as experiments, tests and models. The outcome is high quality lighting, often in precise architectural details or with expressing architectural solutions or sometimes even a new product of industrial design. Light is visible, experienceable, provocative, dynamic. Light tells about the architecture as much as materials and proportions.
the team /

Jan Dinnebier / founder & ceo

+49 171 726 5021

Ben Krüger / lighting designer & photography

Daniel Slota / lighting designer & architect

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