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Potsdamer Strasse 91


The heritage-protected group of buildings "Potsdamer Strasse 91" with its mix of residential and commercial spaces was built between 1860 and 1883. It is a vivid example for the economic recovery in the district Berlin-Schöneberg during the "Gründerzeit"

period. It consists of a front-building, a side-wing, an old villa and an industrial building which are all grouped along an elongated court yard. During the restoration, which was suitable for heritage protection, by AHM Architekten, the staircases were equipped with pendants and wall-luminaires to match the character of each building. The entrance was kept in its original state and large ring-shaped luminaires were installed. These are visible from the street and are inviting pedestrians to enter the courtyard. The long courtyard has cables fixed in a zigzag form and spherical light objects are spread in an irregular arrangement. The spheres are black on the upper side therefor they are softly illuminating the court and the light to the facades decreases smoothly towards the top. A lighting control system regulates the illumination according to the time of the day as well as the year. In the summer months the warm dimming of the luminaires gives cosy light to the exterior areas of the restaurants. This installation symbolises the self-confidence of the new fashion and gallery scene in the Potsdammer Strasse as a place to be in West-Berlin. The project won the FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Germany price for the best project development in the category "trade" in Germany.


Institutional / Public




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

AHM Architekten Berlin

photo credits

Robert Herrmann

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