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Phaeno Science Center

With the Phaeno Science Center Wolfsburg Zaha Hadid created a spectacular landmark at the entrance of the car city. The sculpturally shaped building is home to an area for experimenting in science and technology. studio dinnebier was commissioned to plan the lighting for the exhibition designed by Joseph G. Ansel. In close coordination with the architects and the exhibition designers a lighting design concept was created which highlights the sculptural concrete walls and which enhances the exhibits with focused lighting in the floating space. As a central element a customized spotlight has been designed. It can not only be integrated in the tracks suspended from the roof construction but also be used for the lower rooms in the in-between levels. The housing of the luminaire and the head of the lamp can be freely horizontally and vertically adjusted. Therefor the luminaire can be used as a track-mounted spotlight with a low mass-center or also flat under the ceiling as a ceiling spot. The horizontal array of the light source enables the identical formation of the housing in terms of structure. In corporation with Modular Lighting Instruments it was developed as a standardized product.  


Museum / Culture




Wolfsburg, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Zaha Hadid London & 

Ansel Associates Inc Richmond

photo credits

Christian Gahl

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