Palace of Peace


The pyramidal building, built in 2005 - 2006 in Astana by Foster + Partners in cooperation with Tabanlioglu Architects, was conceived as an international center for religious understanding. In addition to the representation of all the world's faiths, the Palace houses an opera house with 1,500 seats, a university of cultural sciences and a national center for Kazakhstan's diverse ethnic and geographic population. The building is arranged around a central atrium with an inclined glazed interior facade, which is invigorated by the sun rays that are incident from above. The glazing, printed with dots on the inner side, serves as a reflection surface for an indirect daylight-like artificial lighting of the room. For the ring-shaped plenary hall it has been designed a ring-shaped candelabrum where lighting  and technical devices are stored and it illuminates the colored glass pyramid tip.The light planning included all representative areas including the foyer, the opera, the atrium, the plenary hall and the exterior of the building.


Institutional / Public




Astana, Kazakhstan

architect / artist / designer

Tabanlioglu Architects Istanbul

photo credits

Lee Hallman

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