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Nikolai Church


The Nikolai Church is one of the last memorials of Berlin and its history is starts with the founding of the city itself in the first half of the 13th Century. Nowadays the building belongs to the Foundation City Museum Berlin with a historical exhibition of the history of the house. The monumental church hall is illuminated by 30 vertical pendants with 18 glass spheres each. These were suspended in a double row in the central nave in order to keep the view to the triumphal cross and the organ clear. The glass spheres with the integrated spots are also used in the wall-, ceiling- and floor standing luminaires. They can be adjusted without interfering with the appearance  of the luminaires through "dancing spots". The general lighting for the museum is generated by energy saving HIT lamps. Dimmable halogen lamps are being used for events. There are additional switching groups for the accentuation of the exhibits. Profiles in a grey finishing contain electronically control gear which are aligned parallel to the main axis of the church and they are offering glare control in this direction. Several lighting scenes have been programmed to support the flexibility of the space and its various usage options. 


Museum / Culture




Cologne, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Petersen Architekten Berlin 

Jan Blieske

photo credits

Jan Bitter

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