Nauener Platz


The project "Transformation of the Nauener Platz" by the  Department of Urban Development in Berlin Mitte, was the development of an innovative lighting concept for the whole park with proposals for the lighting of individual areas under the following guidelines: low operating costs, protection against vandalism, minimal maintenance and longevity. A rather dark and anonymous open space should be transformed into a area of warm and inviting atmosphere. The concept was developed with the participation of residents and users, as well as through public participatory lighting experiments. The result of these experiments and debates with the local community led us to design a luminous handrail providing safety and security during the night time; a light tree stands as an illuminating metaphor on the green space; The "colored bowery" are a colorful reminder of the park during the day, which makes the stay or the passage of the place pleasant.






Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Planung Freiraum Berlin 


Jan Blieske 

photo credits

Andreas Süß

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