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Museum of Natural Study


In the process of the remediation of the Museum of Natural Study its central halls got a new permanent exhibition. The spectacular exhibits are staged in a new way. On top of that they are supported by a comprehensive usage of new media which was unique and modern for museums by that time. The sensational Dinosaur World in the central hall of the museum received a new lighting installation which highlights the unique findings from Tendaguru. The Archaeopteryx which is the like the Mona Lisa of the Museum of Natural Study was treated with a new lighting solution to emphasize the relief of the fossil eminently. The objects for the exhibition of the cosmos and the solar system are illuminated in a specific way and an integrated controlling system allows the presentation on the moving video wall. The unique biodiversity-wall with its almost 3000 exhibits is illuminated by fibre optics which are integrated in the large wall of vitrines.


Museum / Culture




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Schiel Projekt Berlin 


Jan Blieske

photo credits

Volkjer Kreidler

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