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Luther House


The house of Martin Luther is the biggest museum of the reformation period and is now a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is a memorial for over 500 years and shows signs of being maintained over this whole time which is an important part of the museum. It indicates how one was dealing with the reformation over the last centuries. In the process of this renovation executed by Pitz and Hoh a family of customized luminaires with movable light-heads was created ranging from floorlamps, wall and ceiling lights as well as profile luminaires. Various small surface-mounted light fittings were created matching the proportion of the rooms and following lighting requirements as well as positions of cable outlets. In rooms with historical surfaces profiles with integrated spots were clipped in between the walls. Flat track-mounted spotlights were built for the temporary exhibition spaces. For the new building luminaires were build which could be recessed in exposed concrete ceilings and suspended ceilings. These luminaires are now sold as standard products by the manufacturer "mawa design".


Museum / Culture




Wittenberg, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Pitz und Hoh Berlin & 

Büro für Gestaltung Bremen 

photo credits

Thorsten Seidel

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