Museum Kunst der Westküste

The Museum of the Westcoast on the island Föhr was built by Sunder-Plassmann architects for the collection Frederik Paulsen Ferring SA. It is based in the centre of the village Alkersum on a property of the former « Grethjens Gasthof ». Around the turn-of-the- century this tavern used to be a meeting point for numerous artist from the west coast and it be came the centre go the social life on the island. The architecture of this museum is grouped around the garden of the former tavern and it reproduces its meaning as the centre of the village with its sensitively placed individual buildings.The daylight concept consciously integrates the vivid daylight changes of this coastal place. The directed artificial lighting follows the direction of the dayight. The luminaires are mainly hidden from direct views and are placed at the perimeter of the skylight. As a positive side effect daylight and artificial light are almost merging as one.


Museum / Culture




Alkersum, Föhr Island

architect / artist / designer

Sunder-Plasmann Architekten Kapplen


Jan Blieske

photo credits

Thorsten Seidel

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