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Fehrbelliner Platz


The building at Fehrbelliner Platz 2 is one of the few preserved buildings from the early 1930s in Berlin. The sacred-looking two-storey hall has a strong character expressed by its red granite cladding of the walls and the round glass elevator. In order to reduce the intervention as much as possible, the historic cylinder lights at the elevator were retro-fitted by using a HIT TC 35-W lamp in combination with a lens. By doing this, the lighting level could be increased and the glare could be greatly reduced. Through the reflections within the luminaire and the refraction on the glass prisms unexpectedly fine light streaks appear on the stucco above the lamps. The cruciform openings next to the entrance door have been exposed again and backlit with HIT 35 W and flooded from the front with T16 lamps. The side walls of the  stairways were illuminated as well  with a combination of T16 tubes and lenses. In addition, the historic wall lights were retrofitted to modern T16 ring tubes.


Institutional / Public




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Senatsverwaltung für Bauen Berlin 

photo credits

Thorsten Seidel

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