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The ice speed skating hall in the sport centre Hohenschönhausen is one of the fastest plain lanes in the world. In 1986 it was opened as the first 400m interior ice speed skating lane worldwide and ever since it is an established venue for tournaments and world championships in ice skating which is in use regularly. In order to comply with the requirements of a modern and efficient sports hall even after 25 years of usage, lighting for the 400 meter lane was replaced and renewed together with the renovation of the roof. The lighting design concept interprets the renewal of the lighting system as an energy efficient installation creating a band of light which is following the ice skating lane. Conceptually the lighting is incorporates the form of lane which a dynamic feeling. Luminaires with a narrow beam reflector are giving directed light. From a technical perspective the lighting is achieving high levels of illumination in the horizontal and the vertical plane. On top of that lane is illuminated in a high uniformity and appears homogenous from all viewing angles. By separating the luminaires it is possible to have four levels of brightness according to the various lighting requirements in the hall.  


Institutional / Public




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Senatsverwaltung für Sport Berlin 


Jan Blieske

photo credits

Jan Bitter

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