Doberaner Platz


In the beginning of 2004 the competition for the reconstruction of the Doberaner Platz in the Hanseatic city of Rostock was won in collaboration with the landscape architects Staubach and Söhne (Berlin). The main concept was to calm and tidy the appearance of the inner city. In order to achieve this and to reduce the number of vertical elements as much as possible,  we decided to mount the street lighting on the wire masts of the tram. The highlight of the project is the catenary luminaire network at the square, where nearly 20,000 people transit every day. This was covered by a wire net, which carries 8 light rings in two levels. The light fixtures, each with 4 bent fluorescent tubes, were specially made for this project from deep-drawn polycarbonate.






Rostock, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Comakino Berlin 

photo credits

Martin Tervoort

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