Der Clou


The shopping center "Der Clou" was redesigned by architects Becher and Rottkamp. Due to the irregular interiors, a linear  custom made lighting system has been developed. Instead of depending  on the geometry of the room, it is following the flow of visitors. The curved luminous lines of light were designed in close collaboration with architects and builders and optimized to meet the requirements of the daily operation of the center. The light lines consist of a metal frame with brushed aluminium side panels and a homogeneously illuminated underside. Adjustable HIT spotlights can be integrated into these frame profiles accentuating the space and the rooms. For the façade the motif of a barcode was freely translated in the form of 320 luminous lines.


Offices / Retail


2001 - 2004


Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

brh Architekten Berlin 

photo credits

Thorsten Seidel

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