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Danfoss Universe


Danfoss Universe is the museum of engineering for the Danish engineering company Danfoss. It was opened in Summer 2005 on the Danish Island Alsen. The exhibition is divided in two main themes: the replica of forces of nature and the playful imparting of basic physical principals. The forces of nature are exhibited in the Icelandic Expo-Pavillon, the "Blue Cube". An artificial geyser, an artificial glacier made from real ice, lightning and thunder as well as a "volcano-room" are shown in the museum. the exhibits have been designed by the Hamburg-based office Kunstraum. Besides the conventional lighting for exhibitions whole walls and rooms have created with light. Thereby the natural phenomenons have been translated with abstract lighting: in the "volcano room" controlled orange LEDs behind diffuse, red and solid acrylic is imitating the flow of lava. In the "lightning-room" a deep hanging cove lighting with dark blue light is representing thunderclouds. In the so called  "Hot Room" candle lamps, integrated into the wall, are glimmering like embers. In the "Cold Room" there are glowing crystals spread over the wall emulating iceplants. Fibre optics have been installed in the ice of the artificial glacier letting the walls of ice glow from the inside.


Museum / Culture


2004 - 2005


Alsen Island, Denmark

architect / artist / designer

Kunstraum GfK Hamburg

photo credits

Hans Scherhaufer

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