Corbusier House


In 1998 and 2000 the architect Jochen Beer restored the public areas in the sense of Le Corbusier. The color concept of the internal roads was recreated and the lighting concept was optimized. The existing luminaires with their corrugated cobalt sheet covers were recreated and and equipped with improved lighting technology. They were fit out with continuous light from wall to wall following a drawing from the construction period. With the usage of smaller fluorescent tubes with daylight color temperature and recessed electronic ballasts they appear as skylights. Original colors and wall cladding were reconditioned and a slate flooring was fitted based on the model of Le Corbusier. The vestibule glazed on both sides is put in scene by an array of suspended lengthly fluorescent tubes which are following the order of the Modulor.


Hotel / Residential




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Beer Architekten Berlin 

photo credits

Thorsten Seidel

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