BMW Mini Showroom


For the launch of the Mini by BMW a new showroom has been designed  by Plajer and Franz. In addition to the coves illuminated with colored light, the perforated ceiling is the main design element. It conceals sprinklers, ventilation, emergency lighting and speakers. Following this grid, a HIT 70W spotlight supplied by an overhead power rail has been developed in order to be integrated into the perforation from below. The spotlight head is held in the hole by a clamp and it turns thanks to its sphere hinge. A honeycomb louvre reduces glare as well as the reflection on the bodies of the exhibited cars. For the light coves facing the inner courtyard and the shop windows, RGB T16 tubes have been used. They run in a coordinated program, set up in a way that  changes in colors reflect the time of the day.


Offices / Retail




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Plajer and Franz Studio Berlin

photo credits

Alexander Gnädinger 

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