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Beyazit State Library

Beyazıt State Library is one of the oldest state libraries in Istanbul, founded in 1884 as the "Kütüphane-i Umumi-i Osmani" and has a rare collections of books. The building next to the Beyazit Mosque close to the entrance of the large bazaar was built in 1506 as a shelter for travelers and was used in various ways. During the sensitive renovation by Tabanlioglu Architects the impressive interior with its 17 domes was carefully repaired and the patio covered again with a light roof construction. For the precious books Air-conditioned shelf-installations for the precious books are free-standing and extensively glazed. The lighting design concept highlights the large domes with indirect illumination. Ring shaped pendants with a dynamic suspension were constructed for this purpose and hung from the centre of the domes. The new floor and the shelf installations are articulated by lighting coves. Pendants and luminaries with direct- indirect components were installed in the patio and were mounted to the historical steel braces which are reinforcing the vaults. Minimal surface-mounted luminaries were installed in the tables, showcases and shelves. Their power supply is integrated in the new floor. The approach for this renovation ensures that the spirit of this venerable building is kept alive and the building itself is prepared for the future. The project won the price in the category "New and Old - Completed Building" at the World Architecture Festival 2017. 


Institutional / Public




Istanbul, Turkey

architect / artist / designer

Tabanlioglu Architects Istanbul


Jan Blieske

photo credits

Cemal Emde

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