Arche Nebra


The Visitor Center "Arche Nebra" rises above the Unstruttal between the small towns of Nebra and Wangen in the region of Saxony Anhalt. The floating building at the bottom of Mittelberg takes up the golden sunbath - a motif of the famous Bronze Age Nebra - and refers to the observation tower. The building, the permanent exhibition and the panoramic tower have been designed by the swiss office Holzer Kobler. The lighting supports the sculptural effect of the building without distracting the view of the landscape. At night, the lighting of the outdoor areas and the light filtering through the glass facade make the building floating  in a "sea of light". 


Museum / Culture




Nebra, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Holzer Kobler Architekturen Zürich

photo credits

Jan Bitter

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