Sammlung Scharf Gerstenberg

The east "Stülerbau" as well as the adjacent building have been converted into exhibition space for the Scharf-Gerstenstein collection. Both buildings are in front of the famous Castle Charlottenburg. The collection exhibits top-class surrealist  artworks: from Piranesi, Goya and Redon to Dali, Magritte, Max Ernst und Dubuffet. The conversion and extension planned by Sunder-Plassmann Architects creates a maximum quality of space  with minimal intervention of technical equipment. The developed lighting system illuminating both the artworks and the space  has been fully integrated into the architecture. The new exhibition building belongs to the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and opens to the public in 2008.


Museum / Culture




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Schiel Projekt Berlin 


Jan Blieske

photo credits

Jan Bitter

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