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The Milchkuranstalt at Viktoriapark in Berlin Kreuzberg used to be an inner city cowshed. Up to 250 cows were living in the two storey building which were providing the townspeople with fresh milk and milk products. In 2017 the beautifully architecturally designed building with its spacious floors, generous ceiling height and impressive ceiling vaults and steel beam structure was comprehensively refurbished and converted into an office space by the architects of Karsten Groot Architekten.

The main staircase is illuminated by a cloud of freely positioned glass-wall-lights which support the sweep of the newly designed freestanding stair and create a decorative lightness in the space. The large office space on the first floor is used by the creative digital agency Panorama3000 who are working in fields of social media and entertainment. The brick ceiling vaults are illuminated in order to create soft and comforting general lighting for the space of diverse usage. For this purpose linear LED-lights are mounted to the long cross beams behind metal glare shields. The warm white indirect lighting emphasises the great ceiling structure with its imposing vaults. Elegant LED-profiles are suspended underneath the vaults which are homogeneously illuminating the desks for Panorama3000 and are creating a productive work climate without drawing attention on themselves. Existing pendant lights are giving light to the creative conference tables.


Offices / Retail




Berlin, Germany

architect / artist / designer

Karsten Groot Architekten



photo credits

Ben Krüger

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